Amazing Cupcakes in Houston, TX

Nowadays, wedding cupcakes have slowly replaced the traditional wedding cakes. This is because, more and more people love the simplicity and the convenience these amazing cupcakes in Houston, TX bring.

Amazing Cupcakes

Cupcakes are more portable because of their size, can be wrapped by paper cups and don’t need large plates and knives in order to consume them. Moreover, decorating these wedding cupcakes are also fun to do and can make your event more special and interesting to prepare.

Many couples are actually participating in the decoration of their wedding cupcakes. This is because cupcakes can be served in a more personalized way compared to the traditional wedding cakes that can only be designed in a single way.

If you’re looking for amazing designs that will match your overall wedding theme, here are some of the decoration that you might find interesting.

First is the monogram. Monograms on cupcakes are today one of the most popular decorations that many couples use. Adding monograms to your cupcakes is quite easy to do. First, you need to decorate the top of these cute cupcakes with the icing that you want. After that, you can add your monogram on the top of the icing. However, before placing your monogram on the icing, make sure that the icing is dry to create a more fabulous and looks delicious cupcakes Houston TX.

Second is the fondant flowers. Having fondant flowers on your wedding cupcakes can be great because there are plenty of flowers to use and thus you have a wide variety of options to choose from. But make sure to use flower designs that suit best your overall wedding theme.

Fondant flowers can be done in two different ways. On one hand, you can create a large fondant flower that will cover the entire top of the cupcakes. On the other hand, you can create several fondant flowers and cover these cupcakes so that it will look like a wedding bouquet.

Third is the flag. One of the most popular and coolest wedding cupcake designs is the fondant flag. You can make small flags from decorative paper and use these to decorate the top of the cupcakes. You can also cut flags in different sizes and designs to make it look more interesting. Or you can attach the flags into a toothpick and stick them into the top of the cupcakes.

Fourth is the chocolate swirl. Two in every three of your guests surely love chocolates. Thus having chocolate shavings or swirls are perfect decorations that can make your cupcakes more inviting. Whether your cake is lemon, chocolate or vanilla-flavored, chocolates can surely make cupcakes more tasty, luscious and inviting to bite.

Fifth is the fresh fruits. Having fresh fruits as cupcake decorations can be both beautiful and healthy. Kiwi, strawberries, raspberries and other fresh fruits can be used to create amazing cupcakes in Houston, Texas. You can also combine different fruits that have different colors to enhance the look of your wedding cupcakes.

Lastly is your favorite hobby. Aside from the monogram, decorating your cupcakes with your favorite hobby is the most personalized decorations. If you love playing the guitar, you can make a fondant guitar and place it on the top of the cupcakes. Adding sprinkles, swirls and fondants make a delicious wedding cake more enticing for everyone.

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